Makoto Shinkai makes good movies, I like (ft The Garden Of Words)

As I sit in my bedroom 2:00 in the night, I can’t help but wonder what is it about Makoto Shinkai’s movies that make feel elevated in some sorts if that makes sense. Maybe it’s just a phase because I’ve been into a lot of anime lately, but no anime series and/or movies have had this kind of impact on me ever before. Maybe I’m just a sucker for good animated movies, but even after watching some highly reputed anime movies, I can say for sure none of them even comes close to Mokoto Shinkai’s work.

Watching The Garden Of Words, a 45 min long movie, was an absolute treat to the eyes. Not once was I able to take off my eyes from the screen cause it’s so damn beautiful. You could just pause at any given timestamp in the movie and immerse yourself in the frame.

Now I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like I know my stuff about movies and cinematography or even script writing. I am probably the last person to know things like these. but as a viewer, there are moments in this movie and other of Shinkai’s work that just make me want to talk about it and write long paragraphs on the internet about how it made me feel. That is something of a rare experience for me. Maybe that is the reason why I’m going all fangirly over his movies.

Garden Of Words is a movie about a 15 year old boy and a 27 year old woman who meet in a shelter in a garden when it rains. While it does give us a hint of that forbidden love concept, for the lack of better words (*cough* *cough* pedophilia *cough* *cough*) after watching the movie one can tell it is much more than that. The plot in itself is quite simple and does not contain fantasy elements like that in Your Name and Weathering With You, which is a good thing cause it works for the movie. It takes us into the character’s lives and how their meetings in the garden helps them get over their insecurities.

Even though I have only seen four of his eleven movies, I can quite confidently say that Makoto Shinkai may be my favourite director ever (I am not really into movies all that much so no competition for him there) For all I know it can be because of the breathtaking visuals present in his movies that my ape brain upon seeing goes all gaga. Whatever it may be, I thoroughly enjoy watching his movies and am gonna be excited whenever he announces his next project!




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Akshaj Khurana

Akshaj Khurana

I don't use this website

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