The Hindustani Bhaus and The Shubham Mishras: A New Internet Culture That Seems To Have Gone Too Far

It all started with a meme, as it always does in this fascinating digital age we are living in right now. Out of nowhere this clip of this man was everywhere on the internet, being used in various edits and taking him into overnight stardom. So much so that he even got to go on national television.

So whenever someone or something achieves that level of a success, it is obvious that others replicate that to acquire a similar kind of status in the society. However in the case of Hindustani Bhau, things took a turn for the worse

It produced Shubham Mishras, and a lot of them. People making outrage videos while sitting in their cars and spewing hate in the name of opinion while hiding behind patriotism and religion to gain clout. The arrest of Shubham Mishra shows that their words do have consequences. Something which might not have been expected before for some reason.

The reason of the arrest being the vile rape threats given by Shubham Mishra to comedian Agrima Joshua for her year old set in which there were mentions of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue which hurt religious sentiments of a certain section of people

Its ironic how in the name of a religious deity, the individuals are aiming and attacking anyone who stands up against them fearlessly, while their actions blatantly ignores the principles and teachings of that religion. As a matter of fact it goes almost against those principles. Saying one respects women and then giving rape threats is not exactly something any religion teaches.

This brings up the question of what really can an individual in the public light (especially a female) is allowed to say before they are caught in this web of outrage and threats which is something that is pretty common in the Indian comedy scene. What are the topics allowed for which they would not be called out and the venues at which they perform would not be vandalised?




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Akshaj Khurana

Akshaj Khurana

I don't use this website

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