What Do You Mean I’m Not A Content Writer Just Because I Don’t Write Anything?

I’m writing this blog for myself , just like all the others I’ve written (one) considering how many people actually reads them (again, one. Hi Lagan)

I recently started college and to be a part of the vibrant culture that is followed there, decided to join a society. Now in my college there is a whole bunch of them to choose from which is essentially a good thing, except many of them asked for something called a CV. Me being the most carefree person on the planet decided to just ignore those societies that asked for one, hence avoiding the need to make one. But when one of those societies that I really wanted to get into wanted me to attach a CV in their google form, I had to give up and finally make one

Considering I just graduated from high school with no experience in any field of work or any specialized skills, I wrote a bunch horseshit and surprise surprise, it did not work.

The personal interview that I had to give where they went through the stuff I wrote on my CV and asked questions based on it has to definitely be the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done in my life. Throughout the entirety of the 40 min session I wanted to jump of a cliff while the interviewers tore apart every last bit of my integrity and self esteem (which honestly I asked for when I sent them that godforsaken document)

Now what is the purpose of coming on medium after 6 months and writing this blog? Well to keep it short I would like to have at least one of the things that I wrote in as my “skills” to be true i.e content writing. Now there are people who have been doing this for quite some time and for a lot of organizations (Hello again Lagan) so that makes me late to the party but hey mans gotta start somewhere right?

So if you don’t see a bunch of blogs after this post, consider I have already failed, which should not come as a surprise if you know me at all in real life.




I don't use this website

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Akshaj Khurana

Akshaj Khurana

I don't use this website

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